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Welcome to my blog Uppumanga. This blog is written in the Indian language of Malayalam which has about 35 million native speakers and is spoken mainly in the state of Kerala. If you don’t know the language and still want to read the blog, please get a translator. Or even better, learn Malayalam! It is a beautiful language and I assure you that you will enjoy the experience. I don’t know of any good Malayalam to English online translator. Some of my works in English can be found at Mistranslated.

If you know Malayalam but are unable to read this blog, then it means that your OS/browser is not set up to read Malayalam properly. This page on Malayalam Wikipedia explains how to tackle these problems. Try following the steps explained there. If you are still stuck, send me a mail at razimantv[at]gmail[dot]com and I shall try to help you.

Thank you for visiting my blog!


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